Enigma Hints

Electrical Panel - Clue 1

This is a good place to start. A button nearby says to Press to Open Door.

Electrical Panel - Clue 2

It’s like the blinking red light is trying to tell you something.

Table Drawer - Clue 1

There are pegs on the table…Like something snaps onto it.

Table Drawer - Clue 2

Once you find the item that snaps onto the pegs you will see that you need some more items to fill the spaces. Once done, the drawer will unlock.

Blue Lights - Clue 1

The Six Blue Lights can not be solved until you gain access to the other room and solve a puzzle.

Blue Lights - Clue 2

Once you solve a puzzle in the other room, you will see six blue vials with numbers. That is the answer to the six blue lights. Be accurate!

Pull Drawers - Clue 1

This puzzle can not be solved until later in the game.

Pull Drawers - Clue 2

Once you find the wooden clue with cut out squares and find the right spot, it will tell you the order to pull the drawers. If you make a mistake, pull and release the upper left drawer. To solve the puzzle, just pull and release the drawers in the order provided by the wooden clue. When done, the bottom drawer will unlock.

Toggle Switches - Clue 1

The switches move up, down, left or right. When solved, you can pull the two handles together.

Toggle Switches - Clue 2

Each of the 20 switches have a corresponding symbol. There are items around the room, hidden behind some of the doors, and one in the other room that will help you solve this puzzle.

Toggle Switches - Clue 3

There are 5 copper pyramids around that have the same symbols that correspond with the switches. The pyramid will show if the switch needs to go up, down, left or right.

Toggle Switches - Clue 4

Once solved and you can pull the handles together you can now use the patch cables found to connect the two sides. Keep it simple.

Maze - Clue 1

You can certainly try to solve the maze by yourself, but it can be more easy if you have a partner who has access to the other room.

Maze - Clue 2

Take your time! Be sure to move up, down, left or right in straight paths. Make sure your partner is communicating so you can be precise.

Maze - Clue 3

Too hard? Want to give up on it? Just ask the Gamemaster to bypass it.

Gold Piece Puzzle - Clue 1

Found all the pieces needed? If not, be sure to solve the Electrical Panel, look in the benches, and figure out how to open the desk drawer.

Gold Piece Puzzle - Clue 2

Found all the gold pieces and are stuck in place? Did you find the five holes below the puzzle? Put in your finger and things will light up!

Gold Piece Puzzle - Clue 3

The Five Holes will produce 7 Numbers. Be patient and be careful. Some of the light combinations provides part of the answer to the next hole.

Telephone - Clue 1

Telephones require a 7 digit number. Once you have a 7 digit number you can make your call.

Square Table Puzzle - Clue 1

Looks like you need something for this table. Once you solve the toggle switches in the bigger room you will be given some items.

Square Table Puzzle - Clue 2

Once you solve the puzzle, the top hatch opened and provided a UV flashlight. It is only needed in this room.

Square Table Puzzle - Clue 3

Don’t go too far with that UV light. It will be useful close to where you found it.

Silver Buttons - Clue 1

Now that the door is open those circles will make more sense for the person pressing buttons.

Silver Buttons - Clue 2

There are LED lights on the other side that will help you keep track of your progress….if they go out, then you will need to start over.

Greek Letter Wall - Clue 1

You can not solve this wall until you solved the Square Table puzzle in other room.

Greek Letter Wall - Clue 2

The 5 OMEGAS must show in the cut out squares.

Greek Letter Wall - Clue 3

Having a hard time finding the right spot? It is near the center.

Greek Letter Wall - Clue 4

When you find the right spot, the 8 numbers will show 8 symbols. That is the order in which to pull the drawers with Greek symbols. If you make a mistake, just pull the upper left drawer to reset. When done, the bottom drawer will unlock.

Scale - Clue 1

This scale can not be solved until you solved a puzzle that provides weights.

Scale - Clue 2

When you find the weights you can try to place them all in the round spot. The answer is also given by the Alchemy Chart and the UV light.

Key - Clue 1

This key can not be accessed until the very end….so don’t bother trying.

Key - Clue 2

When the scale is solved and you hear the creaking door….the door covering the key will be unlocked. Don’t see the door? A UV light will help on the Alchemy Chart.

Enigmas Escape Plan - Clue 1

Follow the feet and that is the way out.

Enigmas Escape Plan - Clue 2


Exit - Clue 1

In the exit area are 5 cables. They need to be plugged in.

Exit - Clue 2

When all the cables are plugged in the little robots will turn Green. Once that is done, the box in exit area will become clear exposing two symbols.

Exit - Clue 3

There are three boxes that provide the answer to the six digit combination keypad.

Exit - Clue 4

The brass with numbers provides the order while the symbols provide the code.

Exit - Clue 5

Not sure what to do with the symbols? They need to become numbers…maybe the Alchemy Chart can help.

Exit - Clue 6

Still need help? Find the number 1. Now look at the symbol above and go convert that symbol on the chart. That is the first number to the keypad.