Chess Board - Clue 1

Not sure what to do? Take a seat and maybe you will….

Chess Board - Clue 2

The answer to the chessboard rises when you sit. You must place the proper piece at each location. P=Pawn, R=Rook, B=Bishop, KN=Knight, K=King, Q=Queen. Color does not matter.

Square Puzzle Box - Clue 1

The top lid will come off easily when solved….There seems to be a similar symbol on the round table.

Square Puzzle Box - Clue 2

The wooden clue on the round table says to Spin it FAST….and don’t disturb it until it’s done…..

Top Desk Drawer - Clue 1

The top of the square puzzle box that you spun to open says something about shedding light. Take a careful look at the lamp on the desk.

Top Desk Drawer - Clue 2

Instead of a lightbulb there seems to be a button.

Top Desk Drawer - Clue 3

Maybe you should see if something unlocks after you press the button.

Post Office Box - Clue 1

Between the blue door and the book case is a small gold Post Office Box with the number 93 on it. Looks like there are two dials. Each requires a letter. When properly lined up the metal latch will slide and open the box.

Post Office Box - Clue 2

The letter to Uncle Ollie that was found in the top center desk drawer refers to a RIOJA wine…..good thing we are in a library.

Post Office Box - Clue 3

Bold Letters and Numbers, as well as Underlines, are usually a clue.

Box on Wall with 5 Dials

Looks like each dial can be set between 0 and 5….Looking for a five digit number with only those digits.

Cedar Chest - Clue 1

The chest is locked…No key is needed….something must be needed to activate and unlock it.

Cedar Chest - Clue 2

One of the books on Presidents has a postcard in it of Mt. Rushmore

Cedar Chest - Clue 3

There are four presidents on Mt. Rushmore….They deserve a prestigious location….

Cedar Chest - Clue 4

Pay attention to exact spacing of the Presidents. Once solved, the cedar chest will unlock.

Tempus Fugit Box - Clue 1

When you opened the PO Box, you found a watch with Tempus Fugit also on it. The watch provides a 3 digit number.

Tempus Fugit Box - Clue 2

Looks like the 3 dials on the box need to point a certain direction….like a clock….The watch provides 3 numbers

Country Toggle Switch Puzzle - Clue 1

Maybe if you knew where the countries were located.

Country Toggle Switch Puzzle - Clue 2

The switches only move UP or DOWN

Country Toggle Switch Puzzle - Clue 3

The letter to Uncle Ollie may hold a clue.

Books - Clue 1

The booklist provides 20 titles…The book cart to the left of the bookcase is a good place for all those books you find.

Books - Clue 2

The booklist provides a specific order. All of the books are there, so just look carefully.

Books - Clue 4

The books, when in the order of the booklist, provides the answer to 4 buttons in the cedar chest.

Books - Clue 3

If you don’t see the answer after you found all 20 books….you might want to step back….if you stand too close you may not see the answer.

Cipher Wheel - Clue 1

You need to find 3 boxes that look similar to the box with the keys in it (the one to the left of the cedar chest). This box with the keys in it does not count as one of the boxes that you need to find. One of the boxes is already exposed and is attached to the bookcase…It is a box with a Dog in it.

Cipher Wheel - Clue 2

One of the boxes you are looking for is hidden behind a curtain.

Cipher Wheel - Clue 3

One of the boxes you are looking for is hidden in a book.

Cipher Wheel - Clue 4

Once you have all three boxes found, line them up on the cipher wheel and then do not move the wheels. It can now be used to decode something in the room.

Cipher Wheel - Clue 5

Once you have the three items lined up on the cipher wheel, you can now decode the door. What number is the letter M? and what is the number for the Ying Yang Sybmol? Looks like you need to convert two more, but the door only has blank spots. There must be other things in the room to tell you which Letter and Symbol goes there….Did you solve the Country Toggle Switch Puzzle? If not, then do that and and answer will be given. Another answer is provided when you solved the 5 dials in the box on the wall. When solved a letter rose over the painting behind the chair.

Cipher Wheel - Clue 6

I know….there may be other things in the room that you have not solved yet, but you should solve what you can solve….and right now, you have what you need to solve the door. We give you enough tries in case you have the last two numbers out of order. Don’t forget to push the pound sign / hashtag after you press in the four digit number.

Slider Box - Clue 1

Be sure that the box is on a flat table. The Oval should be towards you and facing the ceiling. The left side of each of the 5 slider arms have little tick marks. BE VERY ACCURATE. The clue says 3 2 1 9 5….Make sure that the first number 3 is on the slider arm away from you. Again, BE VERY ACCURATE. When solved, the whole top can be slid towards you.

Cryptex - Clue 1

The answer is a five letter word.

Cryptex - Clue 2

The answer is NOT a proper name.

Cryptex - Clue 3

Maybe the answer is staring right at you.

Cryptex - Clue 4

Remember, BOLD or CAPITAL words can often be a clue.