Lions Den Hints

Maze - Clue 1

You must follow the directions precisely. Move the round piece on the maze moving the silver marble to one of the corners with the two red circles. Once the marble is sitting between the two red dots, you must lift the round piece you are holding off of the maze. Once that is done, the corner the marble is in has a corner drawer that slides open. The black arrows show you the direction they open. Once one corner is done, you need to do the same thing in the other three corners.

MT. Rushmore

Don’t Rush. Pay attention and you will see the answer.

Family Tree - Clue 1

The painting to the right of the fireplace is unlocked. When opened, you will see a family tree. Also in the area is a black bag with gold coins with numbers, as well as a key. This key is used to open the lock below the projector near the floor. Inside that drawer is a family tree puzzle. Use that family tree puzzle and the family tree to figure out the answers. The first answer is already provided and the gold coin with the number 4 is already stuck on the fireplace. Use the remaining gold coins with numbers to keep track of your answers. When you are done, press the silver buttons with numbers in the order of the gold coins.

Constitution Painting Toggle Switches

The answer to the switches is provided.

Two Bell Halves

These bell halves look strong and supportive.

Two Bell Halves - Clue 2

The bell halves work together but do not touch each other.

Wooden Map with Four Posts

It looks like the four posts go into something.

Ollie's Travel Log

You will receive 11 wooden pieces to help you solve the log. Sometimes you need to go through the provided clues multiple times to figure out the puzzle.

Four Dial Lock Below Projector

The UV Light you find will help you solve this lock. Look very carefully all over the lock for the answer.

3 Dials With Skulls

Each wheel is different. Find the correct pattern and place them in the right spot. When solved the hatch below near the floor will unlock exposing 4 arrow buttons.

Roosevelt Painting

The painting has the letters U, D, L, and R   figuring it out will give you direction.

Jefferson Painting

Symbols and Numbers….When you finally open something up, you will come across these symbols. Match them to the order Jefferson provides and you will solve it.

Jefferson Painting - Clue 2

The drawers have symbols….the exact order is important, but also, pay attention to the side and tick marks with numbers.

Roman Numeral Puzzle

Found the 5 Roman Numerals? Converting them will help.

Roman Numeral Puzzle - Clue 2

When solved, the converted Roman Numerals will solve the 5 piece lock on red box on fireplace.

Roman Numeral Puzzle - Clue 3

It may be easier to figure out the word first and then solve the lock.

Projected Map

Once you have the answers to Ollie’s Travel Log you can press the buttons on the projected map. Don’t be too slow. If you make a mistake, just wait 5 seconds and try again.


The exact order is important. You can not solve the safe until the four Mt. Rushmore paintings are solved, raised, and showing numbers.

Safe - Clue 2

Make sure to follow the proper order. The clue below the safe shows the order.

Spinning Lions - Clue 1

The spinning Lions can not be solved until near the end.

Spinning Lions - Clue 2

Once the painting above the projector opens up you will be given the exact position for the Lions to point at.

The Rope - Clue 1

The rope will present itself when ready. Near the end of the game.

The Rope - Clue 2

At the end of the rope is a round wooden piece with a symbol on one side and a fire symbol on the other.

Knob Screws

They get screwed into the two vertical wood slats on the fireplace near where the red box is located. Screw them in. Remove the red box and pull on the knobs. Move the panel out and away. Go back and pull on the rope. Remove Shelf.


The final code is an 8 digit combination. Use the chalkboard to keep track of answer. The UV light should be used to light up the keypad to see what numbers are used in the final combination.