Sanctuary Hints


If you touched or moved the Buddha before you had a chance to open the drawer down on the bottom, then the clue is lost forever. There is nothing you can do to retrieve the clue. It is truly lost forever. Nothing goes in the hole. You don’t need the clue in order to solve the game. It just means you lost a clue that would have given you an advantage.

Station I - Clue 1

Be sure to look all around. A clue will tell you where to look.

Station I - Clue 2

The Monks believed in symmetry….you found a clue in the bottom right.

Station I - Clue 3

You may not be able to see what you are looking for…..Use your hands to feel around the lower left corner.

Station II - Clue 1

The round wooden clue that was in the metal bowl provides the clue to solve the 3 candles at Station II

Station II - Clue 2

The key word is BLOW….Be sure to do so with some force!

Station III - Clue 1

No hints here…you just need to figure out how to move the squares around to complete the picture. When done, the upper right section will be blank. Just press the button below when done and the box below will release. If you can not solve, or would like to bypass this puzzle, just let the gamemaster know and they can bypass it remotely.

Door 1

There are 4 symbols around the door….and elsewhere.

Door 1 - Clue 2

Be sure to use your palms…and press hard.

Bottom Left Hatch Lock

Looking for a key? Access to the next room is within reach.

Door 2 - Clue 1

Once you have all three hatches open….you can reach into the bottom two and feel for the bars.

Door 2 - Clue 2

You found the bars….they do not move….but must be united.

Door 2 - Clue 3

You found the bars….hold on and UNITE!

Station IV - Clue 1

Station IV can NOT be solved until you gain access to the other room…..

Station IV - Clue 2

There is a symbol of praying hands….If you pray at the other praying hands something will unlock.

Station V - Clue 1

Station V can not be solved until you solve the Round Table and receive a couple of items….

Station V - Clue 2

When you solved the round table you should have received a SKULL. Place it on the shelf above the message that mentions Death. Collect Prize Below.

Station VI - Clue 1

Station VI can not  be solved until you find the necklace.

Station VI - Clue 2

Found the necklace? Be sure to watch your feet while adorning the Monk.

Butterfly Box - Clue 1

The Coins are Rich with Clues

Butterfly Box - Clue 2

The 4 Dark Coins have numbers. Look carefully. The numbers tell you where to place the butterfly magnets. When done, slide drawer of butterfly box open.

Station VII - Clue 1

The round table has three symbols on it….they are also up high on the wall…

Station VII - Clue 2

The symbols on the round table and on the wall are not lined up.

Station VII - Clue 3

Be sure to investigate the round table. The top square piece may need to be looked at. When you find the locking pin, remove it and the table can then be manipulated.

Station VIII - Clue 1

Station VIII can not be solved until you find the hidden large box. It will be found when you solve Station VII – the Round Table.

Station VIII - Clue 2

Found the large box? Place it into the box permanently attached to floor. Once done, the Diamond Box below the Monk will release.

Station IX - Clue 1

Station IX can not be solved until you gain access to the other room.

Station IX - Clue 2

Once you gain access to the other room, you will see an item that you need to solve station IX.

Station IX - Clue 3

When properly aligned, you can place the cross in all the way, and the hatch will unlock.

Station X - Clue 1

Station X can not be solved until you gain access to the other room and solve the Monk Station.

Station X - Clue 2

To solve Station X, you will need the small wooden clue with 20 numbers that was given when you solved the Monk Station. You will also need the chalkboard.

Station X - Clue 3

Station X has 8 circle buttons with symbols. Use the chalkboard to fill in the answers. Each answer should be a number. For example, Fire = 2.

Station X - Clue 4

Once you have the chalkboard properly filled in, hold it up to station X. Now, someone should read the 20 numbers off of the little clue while someone else presses the corresponding button. No more than 5 seconds between presses.

Station XI - Clue 1

Station XI can not be solved until you have access to the other room and you have solved stations I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X

Station XI - Clue 2

The switches move UP and DOWN or LEFT and RIGHT

Station XI - Clue 3

The wooden tiles on the walls with Roman Numerals provide an answer on the other side.

Station XI - Clue 4

Each of the wooden tiles with Roman Numerals provide the answer to each of the switches. The two idols also provide an answer to one of the switches, as does the three boxes found (Skull, Diamond, Infinity). When all done and correct, don’t forget to press the hidden Cross button beneath the round table.

Station XII - Clue 1

Station XII can not be solved until every puzzle in the game solved.

Station XII - Clue 2

Found the cross? Put it in its place….but that is not all…..You need more items.

Station XII - Clue 3

5 small symbols on station XII…..Need 5 items.

Station XII - Clue 4

Each of the items needed will fit perfectly and fully in the defined area.

Station XII - Clue 5

You need Two Idols and Three Boxes (Diamond Box, Skull Box, Infinity Box)

Station XII - Clue 6

Male Idol to the Left. Be sure Infinity Box has Underline below. When done, pull down hatch on top of Station XII for your secret message.