We Will Be Back Soon!

My husband and I just completed Escape Room Concord’s Enigma room as the third stop on a tour of escape rooms in the area. We have completed 25-30 rooms in the past 3 years, and are constantly looking for something novel to wow us. Boy oh boy, did this wow us! We just chatted through all the rooms we have ever done, and The Enigma was at the top of both of our lists.

… The room itself what very cleverly designed. There were absolutely no distractions or extraneous props…There’s also plenty to fill your full time – we got out with only about 7 seconds to spare. Thrilling!  Overall: Definitely make the trip to Concord. It’s well worth it! This room reset the bar for escape rooms for us. It’s going to take some effort for another room to dethrone The Enigma! (edited)