Donation Requests

We do our best to donate gift cards to non-profit organizations in order to help with fund raising. Although we fill many requests for donations, we do not honor all requests and our decisions are based on a case by case basis. We are a small organization and do not have the manpower to fulfill ongoing donation requests and sometimes simply do not have the time to make up gift certificates. Due to the large demand of requests, and our lack of staffing to fulfill them, here are the guidelines for requesting donations:

  1. We do not donate money. We will only provide gift cards at values that we determine.
  2. You must send us a (SASE) Self Addressed Stamped #10 Envelope to: Escape Room Concord NH, PO Box 392, Concord, NH 03302
  3. Please include a letter about your request with the SASE.
  4. Your organization, or members of your organization, must LIKE our Facebook Page as well as provide a link on a website or social media site, preferably the requesting organization, that links to our website
  5. Please send us an Email at letting us know that a SASE has been sent, that our Facebook Page has been liked (and by who), and provide us the details of where the link to our website can be found.

Questions can be sent to our email address.