The Dragon’s Chamber



Have you found the painting that your Great Uncle Ollie left you in the Library?
Did you access the treasury in the Lion’s Den?
Were you able to escape the Sanctuary alive?
Do you now understand the Enigma?
If you have acquired all the skills necessary to solve the above escape rooms then you may be ready for our latest challenge.
Our newest room will not only offer a traditional escape room, but it will also incorporate a quest with hidden puzzles and clues which will offer a bonus room and exit.
We are thrilled to announce the Dragon’s Chamber, our first repeatable escape room where you will be allowed to take notes and come back with your team to complete your quest, prove your skills, and obtain your status as escape room experts.


The evil Wizard of Drachenkammer Castle has captured the last dragon of this world and has imprisoned her in the Dragon’s Chamber with strong spells and potions. The wizard spends his days using magic to create complex puzzles and riddles in order to protect his castle so nothing can break in….or break out.
One day the wizard did something that angered the dragon so much that even his magic could not protect him. The dragon killed the wizard and is now trying to escape. As a young wizard, now is your chance to prove yourself by breaking in and taking control of the dragon.
Upon entering the castle the door vanishes. You must now find another way out.
You look towards the chamber….and you see something….
Can it be?
You step closer.
Your eyes widen. You can’t believe it.
A dragon egg!
You have enough potion to keep the dragon calm for one hour and you want to find how to escape before she fully wakes; however, you can’t stop thinking about stealing that egg.
Do you have what it takes to solve the wizard’s puzzles and escape before the dragon breaks free and destroys you?
Will there be enough time to go on a quest to steal the dragon’s egg?
A choice will have to be made.


******GAME MISSION********
You will have one hour to figure out many puzzles and clues which will lead you to learn something important about the dragon. That knowledge will provide you with access to the Potion Room and your quest to capture the dragon egg
You will be allowed to keep notes on your quest that will be stored here at the Escape Room as long as you either escape or don’t escape the regular game; however, if you attempt the quest on your first visit and don’t succeed, your notes will be fed to the Dragon. Upon your return, you can use those notes to help you through the game faster in order to give you more time for your quest for the egg and access to the Potion Room.
Only when you are able to capture the egg and complete the quests will the alternate exit in the potion room unlock and provide you the full victory.
You are allowed clues up to the point when you receive your token, but no clues will be provided in the quest for the dragon egg.
You will only be allowed 60 minutes. No extra time will be added to finish your game and no walk-throughs explaining the answers will be offered for any portion of the game.

This game is dedicated to “Keys”….you know who you are.



60 Minutes