The Library



Never played an escape room? Have you played escape rooms elsewhere, but this is the first time playing in Concord? We highly recommend our most popular room – Escape the Library! All of our rooms are challenging, but the Library will give you the best chance of escaping on time.

Escape the Library is a classic puzzle escape room. This room is full of technology and has lots of exciting and interesting puzzles for you and your group to solve. If you have never done an escape room this is the perfect place to start. If you have done escape rooms – this game will impress you.


Ever since you were a small child you have always enjoyed visiting with your Great Uncle. He lived in a fabulous home full of neat stuff, like puzzles, mazes, and priceless pieces of art. You would spend hours with him deciphering codes while listening to his fascinating stories of world travel. As much as you enjoyed being with him, he enjoyed being with you even more – especially since your Great Aunt passed on so many years ago. You still remember the day when he presented you one of his most prized possessions. You both agreed that he should hold onto it for safe keeping and all was fine…until he remarried.

You knew right away that his new wife was not very fond of you or your relationship with your Great Uncle. Soon you found yourself separated from your favorite person on Earth as she attempted to drive a wedge between the two of you. And then…the heartbreak was unbearable as you heard of your Great Uncle’s passing. You felt like he was torn away from you. Your heart broke again when you asked for the gift your Great Uncle gave you and you were told that it was sold. Your attempts at proving your ownership were futile, for there was no Last Will & Testament…Until yesterday, when a letter arrived in the mail:

“Your gift is safe, as well as all of the evidence you will need to prove your ownership. It is indeed still located in your Great Uncle’s house.

Efforts have been made to find it, but with no success. Your Great Uncle has so many layers of puzzles and riddles that nobody knows what to do. You are probably the only one who can solve his special room. I won’t be able to hold her off too long, but I should be able to provide you with enough time to give you a chance.

Come at once! I will meet you inĀ THE LIBRARY.”




60 Minutes